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Tournament and Travel Teams FAQ

How are travel and tournament teams formed?
Travel and tournament teams are formed using several selection methods throughout the year, including tryouts, scouting and manager evaluations. For more on the selection process and on the travel program in general, go here

How do I know if my child made the team or not?
Once the teams are selected each season, a coach or manager will contact all players who tried out to let them know if they are on the roster or not.

Can I appeal?
No. The decisions of the travel coaches concerning travel rosters are final.

What is the commitment?
Playing on a travel team requires that your child attend 90% of all games and 80% of all practices.  Depending on your child's team, games may include tournaments every weekend in Westchester during the fall and handful of tournaments during the spring, as well as the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Manhattan and the Little League World Series qualifying tournaments, which start at the end of June. Practices will vary depending on the team and season but will generally take place once or twice a week.

How is the travel program different than regular rec ball?
Unlike in rec ball, the goal of the travel team is to win. In rec ball, all players are given an opportunity to play all positions and are guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time, but in travel ball, positions and playing time are earned. GVLL rec teams play other GVLL teams, while travel teams play elite teams outside our own league.

Does my child have to play rec ball in order to play travel ball?
Yes, to participate in travel ball you must play GVLL rec ball, live within the district and meet the age requirements. 

Click here for GVLL Boundary map 

Click here for the LLoA League Age Chart

Where are games played?
The venues will vary but will most likely include NYC, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey and might include Pennsylvania and Maryland as well.

Can girls play on the travel baseball teams?
Yes. Any girl who qualifies through the selection process as a top player is eligible to play on a travel team.

My child is a strong player who I think could compete with players who are in the next age group up. Is he eligible to play on the older team?
Yes. We believe strong players should play up in the travel program, as challenging them to push themselves is good for their development and means they can grow into the role of team leader the following year. Whether your child is identified by a scout or manager to join the older team or you would like him to participate in a tryout for that team, we encourage you to pursue the chance to let him play up. Keep in mind if he does not make the older team, he still has the opportunity to play on the younger team, assuming he earns a spot.

If my child does not make the team this year, can he be considered for the team next year?
Yes. If your child did not make the team this year, he has the opportunity to earn a spot the following year.

If my child makes the team this year, does he automatically make the team next year?
No. Every player on a travel team must earn his or her spot each year.

What if I have additional questions?
Start by reading our travel page. If you don't find your answer there, email us at [email protected] 

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