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Coaching Clinic Spring 2020: Date has passed
This clinic is mandatory for all managers and coaches in T-ball and Junior Minors, strongly encouraged for all managers and coaches in minors and majors, and really really encouraged for anyone interested in being a coach but too intimidated to try it.

Safety Training Class: March 29, 11am-12pm

Each team must have a volunteer who is a safety officer who attends a GVLL safety meeting. Even if a parent is a doctor, nurse or medical professional, they must attend the safety meeting or they will not be considered a valid safety officer for GVLL insurance purposes.

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AED/CPR Training Class: March 29, 12pm-2:30pm 

Each team must also have someone who is AED/CPR certified except T-Ball Division and Junior Minors Softball (Junior Minors Baseball needs AED/CPR certification).  GVLL will offer several AED/CPR classes at P3 and West Side Little League has generously offered to have Parents attend their sessions at Dapolito Rec Center. AED/CPR certification is good for two years, so if you took the class last year you are good, but we will need to see your certification. 

** Please note that Safety training and AED/CPR training are two different requirements **   If you are already AED/CPR certified you still must attend a safety training class and vice versa. 

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GVLL Safety Classes and AED Class Schedule

Often the volunteer stays for both sessions -- held at P3 (at Pier 40)

Saturday February 29th          
Safety Class 12PM-1PM       
 AED/CPR Class  1PM- 4PM

Sunday March 1st                  
Safety Class  1PM-2PM         
AED/CPR Class  2PM- 5PM

Saturday March 7th                
Safety Class  1PM-2PM       
AED/CPR  Class 2PM- 5PM 

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