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GVLL Rules By Division

What game rules does GVLL use?
GVLL uses Little League of America rules as a baseline. Little League rules differ from Major League Baseball to ensure that games are fair and appropriate for youth sports; however, GVLL is permitted to (and does) implement stricter rules when it comes to player safety.

Do the rules differ by division?
The rules differ somewhat by division. For instance, in the baseball Minors division there is no stealing allowed, while in baseball Majors, stealing is allowed (but not lead-offs). There are team standings in Majors and Upper divisions but not in younger divisions.

Follow the links below for the full GVLL rules by division: 

2019 AAA Minors    
     2019 Minors         2019 District 23 Intraleague Majors         2019 T-Ball

2019 Junior Minors         2019 Bigs and Juniors Interleague         2018 Minors Softball        Upper Division

2019 Softball Junior Minors         2019 Majors         2019 T-Ball Softball    

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