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General FAQ

Can my child play for GVLL if we don’t live in Greenwich Village?
GVLL’s catchment extends beyond Greenwich Village to include Chelsea, Midtown West and Soho. Our boundary map can be viewed here. Please note that a child must have at least one parent or legal guardian living within the catchment, or must attend school in the catchment, in order to play for GVLL. Exceptions are rare and are granted only by the Charter Committee of Little League of America in Williamsport, PA. Per Little League of America regulations, your child may not play in more than one Little League at a time.

How many players and teams are there in GVLL?
Last year, more than 800 boys and girls, ages 4 to 16, played on over 60 teams.

How is the league organized?

Spring Season: April - mid-June more information 
- 6 Baseball Divisions
- 5 Softball Divisions
- Travel and Tournament Baseball Teams (by tryout and invitation) for 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U players 

Summer Ball: July - mid-August more information
- 3 Baseball Divisions  

Fall Ball: September - November more information
- 3 Baseball Divisions
- 5 Softball Divisions
- Travel and Tournament Baseball Teams for 10U, 11U, and 12U players
- Winter Workouts: December - February
- Baseball and Softball indoor instructional sessions at the P3 Baseball Facility inside Pier 40

Can girls play in the baseball divisions?
Yes. Girls are allowed to play either baseball or softball.

Can you explain the age cutoffs? (“League Age”) 
Click here for Little League of America's easy to use "age calculator."

For baseball, League Age is determined by how old the player is on August 31 of the year they are enrolled to play.

  • Baseball player turns 8 this year on August 30, League Age is 8
  • Baseball player turns 6 this year on Sept 2, League Age is 5
Baseball players born prior to Sept 1 2005 have been “grandfathered” from recent Little League International League Age changes and their League age for the season is their age as of April 30 of the current year.

  • Baseball player turns 11 this year on April 29, League Age is 11
  • Baseball player turns 12 this year on May 1, League Age is 11

For softball, League Age is determined by how old she is on December 31 of the previous year.

  • Softball player turned 10 last year, League Age 10 current year

Why are there overlapping ages for some of the divisions?
While meeting the age requirement is all that’s necessary to join a team in the younger divisions, more competitive divisions in both baseball and softball recommend or require that players have previous experience and/or try out to join a team.

What’s the difference among Minors and Majors?

  • Minors (ages 9 -11) is the first GVLL division in which kids pitch, and there is a greater emphasis on skills development than in younger divisions, with playing time determined by how well players attain and exhibit those skills.  Game score is kept, but there are no standings or playoffs, so the season is less competitive than in the Majors divisions. Teams are primarily made up of children who attend the same school or friends who request to play together. Games and practice are weekend only.

  • Majors (ages 10-12) is more competitive than Minors, and players are expected to demonstrate even more mastery of baseball skills.  Majors also requires a greater time commitment: 2 weekend games and 1 weekday practice per week. Scores and standings are kept, and the season includes playoffs and (depending on the schedule) All-Star games. All players who wish to participate in Majors must attend tryouts, and teams are selected via a round-robin draft. Players who are not selected for Majors are then included in the Minors team formation. Please note that all 12-year-old who wish to play in Majors will be drafted into Majors.


Where are games played?
Games are played at various locations throughout the city, including the fields at Pier 40 and J.J. Walker, in the West Village. You will receive a schedule prior to the start of the season that indicates locations for each game. Learn more about where games for each Spring division are played here.

How many games and practices must my child attend each week?
That depends on what division your child plays in. For instance, baseball T-ball players meet once a week for 90 minutes of combined practice and play. Baseball Majors, Juniors and Seniors divisions have two games per week, plus one practice per week that runs from 90-120 minutes, while Upper divisions of softball have two practices and one game per week. Read more about time commitments for each division here.

Does my child need to attend every game and practice?
We ask that you please try to make every effort to ensure your child attends all practices and games, particularly if your child is in an older, more competitive division. If you know your child will miss a practice or game, please let the Team Manager know as far in advance as possible. In cases of illness or injury, alert the Team Manager as soon as you know your child will not be able to play.

Where can I find directions to the fields?
Find directions to all the fields utilized by GVLL here.

How competitive are the games? I want my child to compete but also to enjoy the experience. 
Our goal is to give players an opportunity to have fun while learning to play the game. To that end, we make sure the level of competition in each division is age-appropriate, starting with T-ball, where the emphasis is on teaching basic rules of baseball and softball through simple drills. The games are short and non-competitive at this age--no scores are kept and every player gets a chance to bat every inning. In older divisions, the games are longer and more competitive. Overall, we try to create an atmosphere that allows players to develop and challenge themselves while also enjoying the experience.  You won’t find a “winning is everything” mentality at GVLL no matter what division your child plays in.

Does the League provide transportation to the games?
In general, it is your responsibility to get your child to games and practices.

How can I find out if a game is cancelled due to weather?
Your Team Manager will send out an e-mail on game day to let you know if the game has been cancelled. You can also call the GVLL hotline that day at 877-703-8066.

If I have a question/concern, whom should I contact?
For general questions about the League email [email protected].

For questions specific to your child and your child’s team, contact your child’s Manager, who will provide you with his or her e-mail address at the start of the season.

If the Team Manager does not address your question or concern adequately, you may contact the Coordinator for your child’s division. Divisional Coordinators are listed on the GVLL Board of Directors webpage.

The Player Advocate is also available to help resolve any issues you might have concerning your child if they remain unresolved after speaking with your Team Manager and/or Divisional Coordinator. You can contact the GVLL Player Advocate confidentially at [email protected].



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