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Managers, Coaches and Umpires FAQ

How can I become a GVLL manager or coach? 
You may request to be a manager or coach at the beginning of the season by contacting the Division Coordinator. Some divisions tend to have more volunteers than others, in which case, those volunteers with more experience in the League are generally chosen to fill the slots. 

Can a parent coach or manage his or her child’s team?
You may volunteer to manage your child’s team and, if selected, you will be allowed to do so as long as you treat your child like any other player on the team and refrain from showing any favoritism.

What sort of training do managers and coaches receive?
All GVLL managers and coaches attend several workshops and training sessions prior to the start of the season. These include a “Coaching the Coaches” workshop led by GVLL Executive Board members, an Al Herback clinic, which gives managers and coaches the tools to develop player skills through structured practices, and a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop, which teaches managers and coaches how to emphasize the character-building aspects of youth sports. They also attend Rules Meetings, at which coordinators go over the rules of game play for each division.
What is a Division Coordinator?
The Division Coordinator is responsible for the administrative set-up and execution of the season for the assigned division. The Coordinator is the liaison with the managers/coaches and with the GVLL Executive Board when necessary, and communicates all League requirements and information regarding team play to coaching staff.
How can I contact my child’s manager?
The Team Manager will email you before the start of the season with his or her contact information. 
How are umpires chosen for GVLL? 
We contract our umpires through a professional service.
Are umpires paid?
Yes, the umpires who work for GVLL are paid.

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