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GVLL Board of Directors

Name Position
Peter Marino
ToniAnn Bonade
 Executive Vice President
Tom Mullarkey EVP Operations, President Emeritus
Carin Ehrenberg EVP Admin, President Emeritus
Michael Schneider EVP Baseball, President Emeritus
Andy Hort
 EVP Challenger
Ronnie Cropper EVP Softball
JoAnna Laskas Secretary, Registration / Website / Social Media
Tony Ruscitto VP Safety
Frank Saracino  Treasurer
Jackson Rice Baseball Minors Coordinator, Opening Day Chair
Matt Burke Baseball Junior Minors Coordinator
Mike DeRosa Head of Umpires, Minors Division
Amy Durning
 Picture Day Co-Chair
Adrienne Goldthorpe Softball Minors Coordinator
Ted Goldthorpe Softball Majors Coordinator
Henry Guiden
 Head of Umpires
John Hallowell Baseball Majors Coordinator
Wayne Kimbell Player Advocate
Susan Kushner Field Permits Coordinator
Rob Magill Baseball Majors Coordinator
Brian Nowakowski Board Member
Nick Pepe T-Ball Coordinator
Lauren Rose Sponsorship Co-Chair
Brad Spiegel

Sponsorship Co-Chair
Dustin Stein Softball Junior Minors Coordinator
Cortney Van Jahnke
 Picture Day Co-Chair
Board of Advisors
Rich Caccappolo President Emeritus
George Usher President Emeritus
Daniel Miller President Emeritus

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If you are interested in becoming a member, contact the Board at [email protected] or attend our annual open Board meeting and let us know of your interest (details are announced on the website).

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