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Since the 2016 season, GVLL has offered players ages 9 to 12 the opportunity to participate in a travel program. The purpose of the program is to groom elite players to compete against teams of similar caliber, generally in the NYC metro area, on weekends throughout the Fall, as well as in a limited number of games and tournaments in the spring and early summer. There are four divisions organized by age: 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U. The goal is to continue to build a robust program that allows players three years to grow, develop and compete at the highest levels.

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Our youngest travel division consists of players who are League-age 8 and 9 (9U). All age-eligible players are invited to participate in weekly 9U Fall travel clinics, where they are given ample opportunity to convince the coaches of their abilities and their growth potential as players. The Fall 9U division has no organized games or tournaments. The program is strictly developmental with the emphasis on mechanics and education.

At a certain point during the fall, parents of those children who are not advanced enough to continue are informed that their child will not move on to the next level. While their child will not participate in the Spring program, these parents are encouraged to have him or her try out for the 10U team the following year.  The players who remain will continue to attend weekly workouts throughout the winter.


The 10U Spring team consists of returning Fall 9U players, plus any 10-year-olds added to the team on the basis of tryouts, which are held early in May. Depending on the results of these tryouts, some returning 9U players may lose their roster spots to those who are more advanced.

The 10U Spring travel program will enter two teams in the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament (MDWT), the 10U A team, which will consist of the top 12 players, and the 10U B team, which will consist of the next best 12 players. The MDWT is played by teams representing GVLL, DLL, PSLL and any other league that is invited to participate. The top players on the 10U Spring travel team will also compete in the Little League World Series Tournament (LLWST), which begins in late June. There may be additional tournaments during the spring as opportunities arise.

At the conclusion of the LLWST, those 10U players who have demonstrated the desire and ability to continue will be invited to join to the rising 11U team. Other players may be asked to join that team based on their performance during the Spring rec season.


The rising 11U Fall team will be announced in late June or early July, once scouting of the Spring rec league for any additions to the roster is completed, This team will be entered into the Fall Westchester Baseball Association (WBA) in September and/or will enter a few additional tournaments. At the conclusion of the Fall season, players will be invited to winter workouts that will continue through the end of March.

At that time, any 11U players who have demonstrated clear talent and growth potential will be asked to join the 12U Spring  practice squad. They will practice with the existing 12U team with the goal of earning a spot as a core player on the 12U roster, and they may even see limited playing time during the tournament season. The purpose of this structure is to provide ample time for these younger players to develop, to let coaches gauge their skills relative to the 12U players and to prepare them to lead the LLWST team the following year.To clarify, the 11U team will be disbanded before the beginning of the Spring rec season and the top 11U players will then be invited to join the 12U team as practice players and bench players, with the opportunity to compete for starting positions.  All other 11U players will be invited to try out for the 12U MDWT in May and be considered for both the 12U LLWST team, which is announced June 1, as well as the Fall 12U team, which is announced in late June or early July.


During the Spring rec season, Majors and possibly Minors teams will be scouted, and at the end of the season in June or early July, invitations will go out to those top 11U players who have been identified and selected to join the rising 12U Fall team. Once the final team is chosen in July, it will be entered into rising 12U WBA Fall tournaments plus a few additional fall tournaments. The squad will practice regularly throughout the fall and winter.

At the conclusion of winter workouts, the Spring 12U team will be formed. This team will consist of  top 12U and a few select 11U players, including starters, pitchers who will travel to games as needed, and bench players. In addition, there will be a handful of 11U players who will comprise the practice squad. These players will practice with the 12U team and be available as call-ups throughout the Spring tournament season should the need arise.

This 12U Spring team will be entered into a select number of tournaments that take place during the Spring rec season. In early May, there will be open tryouts for players wishing to join the Spring 12U team. At the conclusion of those tryouts, the coaches will announce the names any new players who will be added to the roster and those players who have been replaced will be released.

GVLL will enter a 12U A team and a 12U B team in the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament (MDWT). The 12U A team will consist of the top 12 players on the 12U travel team. The 12U B team will consist of the balance of the roster of the 12U travel team plus those added through open tryouts. At the conclusion of the tournament, those players from the 12U travel team who played on the 12U B tournament team will practice the rest of the spring season with the 12U Spring travel team.

Ultimately, the 12U team, consisting of both 12U and top 11U players, will be entered in the Little League World Series Tournament (LLWST) with the most deserving players receiving the bulk of the playing time.



A few additional things to keep in mind:
It cannot be emphasized enough that accountability, dedication, reliability, and sportsmanship are essential factors in selection for the travel and tournament teams. These players represent our organization and they must do so in a manner that, win or lose, radiates class and dignity even at such a young age. Managers and coaches are responsible for their teams and will not tolerate negative behavior, even at the expense of removing more talented players.

Having said that, the goal of this program is to win. Cutting players or reducing playing time is never easy for any manager or coach. But the best way to deal with this toughest of decisions is to make talent and accountability, along with positional needs, the main determining factors in team selection. By doing so, we will remain consistent in our values.

Please keep in mind that this program is still in its infancy and there will be glitches from time to time. It’s important that parents recognize this and also understand that evaluating players is not an exact science. We will encourage parents to send suggestions to us on ways to improve the program but not to complain about our choices of one player over another.

Finally, here is some additional information regarding eligibility, dates, fees, playing time and attendance.

To participate in the GVLL Travel Program, you must live or attend school within the GVLL Boundary, and be of appropriate LLoA League Age for the team and season.

Click here for GVLL Boundary map 

Click here for LLoA League Age Chart

All Fall programs will begin in September and will continue through December. On or around January 1, the Winter program will begin; 9U players will be notified at this time if they will advance to the rising 10U program. On or around April 1, the spring season will commence. 10U and 12U teams will form at this time and the 11U team will be disbanded. Selection for the MDWT and LLWST teams will take place in early May. Fall rosters will be announced in June or July.


9U, 10U and 11U players (that is, rising 10U, 11U and 12U players) will be charged seasonal fees to cover expenses, including weekly instruction, tournament fees, uniforms, umpires and equipment. The specific amounts will be determined by the travel staff and communicated to parents before the start of each season. The 10U and 12U will pay fall, winter and spring fees; the 12U spring fees will cover three trips in the late spring and early summer to batting cages with pitching machines. 11U teams will be charged fall and winter fees only.

Not all players will travel to every game and tournament. As stated above, playing time will be determined by demonstrated ability, commitment, and positional needs.  The WBA rules stipulate no field time requirements, but do mandate a continuous batting order, so every player who travels to WBA games or tournaments will bat at least once per game. 

The MDWT requires a continuous batting order regardless of whether a player sees time in the field. Every player on the roster must play at least 2 innings in the field.  Depending on roster size, the LLWST may require that every player receives at least one at-bat or one at-bat plus two innings in the field.

Other tournaments may have differing rules, including those regarding at-bats and field time


Beginning with the 10U Spring team, players are expected to make 80% of all travel practices and 90% of all travel games. In addition to the MDWT, the Spring 12U team will participate in at least two outside tournaments. They will miss their regular rec ball games these two weekends. Any player participating in a tournament is not eligible to play in any rec games that weekend, even if their schedule would allow for it. They must, however, make sure they play in at least 60% of their rec ball games in order to be eligible for the LLWST.

If you have a specific question about the program, please contact [email protected]

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