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Dec, 2020

GVLL Opens Spring Registration!

Dear GVLL Families,

We hope that this finds you well and enjoying a safe and healthy holiday at the end of a very trying year. With optimism and determination to provide our children with the opportunity to play baseball and softball next year, we are happy to announce that we are opening registration for our Spring 2021 season!

Much is still uncertain at this time regarding field permits and the course the pandemic will take in NYC in the coming months, but we are choosing to be optimistic and plan for a full season as if things were normal, and to be prepared to scale back as necessary. We invite you to register now, as it is possible that spaces will be more limited than in the past, as social distancing restrictions are likely to be in effect as they have been in the Summer and Fall 2020 seasons. Registration will be on a first-come first-served basis - we will maintain waiting lists once enrollment limits have been reached, and we will do everything we can to allow everyone to play who wants to, but there will be no guarantees. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Registration fees for this season will be $250 for T-Ball divisions, and $275 for all other divisions. There will be no early-bird pricing or late fees this year.

  • If we are forced to cancel the season due to governmental decree before it begins, we will evaluate the refund situation at that time. Preparing for the season will necessarily incur some expenses that we will not be able to recoup. If we have enough warning, we will try to refund as much as possible after expenses. However if you choose to withdraw after registration due to making new plans we cannot offer a refund and would ask you to consider a donation or application of the credit to a future season instead.

  • If you have a credit from last Spring's canceled season, it is already listed on your account and will be applied automatically during registration.

  • We will register for a full slate of divisions as usual, but we might need to realign things as we get closer to the season start. Just as an example, depending upon field restrictions and/or enrollment we could end up having to merge or even cancel divisions. If we cancel a specific division we will try to merge it with another division - it is possible we would then need to shorten or change times/fields to meet the needs of registered players.

  • Baseball AAA and Majors involve a tryout. If you are presented with these options as well as Minors at registration, it is because your player is of an eligible age for any of those divisions. Feel free to register to indicate interest in attending the tryout. After the tryout, Majors teams will be drafted, then AAA and finally any undrafted players will be assigned to Minors. Further information about the tryout date and process will be forthcoming (in past years our Majors tryouts have always been on Super Bowl Sunday, but we may need to schedule it later this year).

  • As in past years, we plan to hold Winter Workouts at the P3 facility in Pier 40 for registered players 9 and older. These weekend sessions should begin in January. We plan to hold these sessions in person on Sundays at the P3 facility and will also have outside field space on Pier 40 when the weather allows.  In addition, we will hold Zoom Workouts on Mondays late afternoon/early evenings for players 9 and older coached by our summer Zoom coaches, Division 1 College baseball Players Eli and Jack. More information on all winter workouts to follow, but they will only be available for REGISTERED SPRING BALL PLAYERS ages 9 and older.
Finally, below are the divisions that are open for registration now. Please note that we can not yet specify precise fields, days and times, and all details provided are subject to possible change.

Click here to register!

  • Baseball T-Ball: Co-ed ages 5-6. Children hit from T-ball stand, with coach pitch for those who are ready as season progresses.
  • Baseball Junior Minors: Co-ed ages 7-8. Coaches pitch in this division. 1 game/week (90 - 120 minutes).
  • Baseball Minors: Co-ed ages 9-11. 1 game per week with partial majors rules. Players (not coaches) pitch and catch.
  • Baseball AAA: Co-ed ages 9-11. More competitive and advanced Minors-age division. Games employ Majors rules and teams are paired with a Majors team with the opportunity to be called up. Players must attend the Majors/AAA tryout in order to be considered.
  • Baseball Majors: Co-ed ages 10-12. Entry is by mandatory tryout. Advanced play using a competitive game framework and age-appropriate Little League playing rules. 2 competitive games plus one practice per week
  • Baseball Juniors: Co-ed ages 13-14. Mandatory tryout, even for returning players. 2 games on Saturday and/or Sundays with travel (fields include Central Park, Murry Bergtraum Field, Randall’s Island and Pier 40). 1 practice a week at Pier 40 with team and P3 coaches.
  • Baseball Seniors: Co-ed ages 15-17. Two games on Saturday and/or Sundays with travel (fields include Central Park, Murry Bergtraum Field, Randall’s Island and Pier 40). 1 Practice a week at Pier 40 with team and P3 coaches.

  • Softball T-Ball: Girls ages 4-6. No previous softball experience necessary. Girls hit from T-ball stand with introduction later in the season to underhand pitching by a coach. 1 practice per week including an instructional game.
  • Softball Junior Minors: Girls ages 7-8. No previous softball experience necessary. One practice and one Intra-league game (coach pitch) per weekend.
  • Softball Minors: Girls ages 9-10. No previous softball experience necessary. One-two practices per week. Recreational game on the weekend (combination coach and kid pitch).
  • Softball Majors: Girls ages 11-12. Some softball/baseball experience recommended, but not required. More competitive softball, but still instructional in nature. One-two weekday practices, and one-two competitive recreational inter-league games on the weekend with nearby Little Leagues at either JJ Walker or Chelsea Park.
  • Softball Juniors: Girls ages 13-14. Competitive softball. One-two practices per week with one-two interleague games with nearby Little Leagues per weekend at Chelsea Waterside Park, Pier 40 or a nearby Little League facility.

  • Challenger: Boys and girls with physical and/or developmental challenges age 4-18 (up to age 22 if still enrolled in school). No previous experience necessary. Games are developmentally appropriate with an emphasis on fun and teamwork. One game per week on Saturdays from late April through June at Battery Park City Ball Fields.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at  [email protected].

Peter Marino
President, GVLL

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