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Game Play FAQ

What game rules does GVLL use?
GVLL uses Little League of America rules as a baseline. Little League rules differ from Major League Baseball to ensure that games are fair and appropriate for youth sports; however, GVLL is permitted to (and does) implement stricter rules when it comes to player safety.

Do the rules differ by division?
The rules differ somewhat by division. For instance, in the baseball Minors division there is no stealing allowed, while in baseball Majors, stealing is allowed (but not lead-offs). There are team standings in Majors and Upper divisions but not in younger divisions.

How many innings do the games go? Are there time limits on them?
In T-ball divisions, games last an hour. In other divisions, games generally go six innings and are scheduled to last for two hours. However in competitive divisions, an inning cannot start less than twenty minutes before the scheduled end time—if an inning is about to start at game time 1 hour, 40 minutes or later, the game is called regardless of the inning. Additionally, in competitive divisions in which scores are kept, there is a mercy rule. If a team is losing by ten or more runs by the end of its half of the fourth inning (5th in Juniors and Seniors), the game is called.

When do kids start to pitch as opposed to coach pitch?
Players start pitching in the Minors division in both baseball and softball. Depending on the skill level and age range of the players in the Minors divisions, we may begin the season with coach-pitched games and switch to player-pitch as the season progresses.

How is playing time determined? 
In the T-ball and Junior Minors divisions, there is a continuous batting order and players play all innings in the field. Determining playing time in the Minors division and above is the Team Manager’s responsibility, though players must get at least one at-bat per game and 6 outs in the field

Are there rules about pitch counts? 
Yes. In Majors and above, there are pitching and catching rules regulating how many pitches can be thrown and innings caught. GVLL uses Little League of America as a baseline and has reduced the allowed numbers in the early weeks of the season to ensure that our players have gotten enough practice time and are ready to reach the LLoA limits.

If my child pitches for his school team, can he pitch for his GVLL team? 
Yes, but we ask that you keep your Team Manager informed about any school games your child pitches during the week, along with the number of innings pitched. This way the Team Manager does not risk over-pitching your child.

Can I request that my child play a certain position? 
Yes, but please understand that Team Managers assign positions based on many factors, including the balance of abilities among the players on his team. In younger divisions, Managers rotate players through many positions to give them a chance to learn and develop. By the time players reach the more competitive Majors divisions, there are fewer opportunities for players to try out at different positions, and Team Managers assign positions based on where they think players can best contribute to the success of the team.


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