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Equipment FAQ

What equipment does the League provide and what equipment is the parent’s responsibility? 

The League provides to each child: 
A uniform jersey, one pair of baseball pants, a heart guard (baseball Majors), a cap, a belt and one pair of socks. 
Bats, batting helmets and catcher’s gear are provided to each team and are available for players to use if they don't have their own.

Parents are expected to provide:
A baseball/softball glove, Footwear (no metal cleats/spikes), An athletic supporter and an athletic cup if your player is a boy who in the Majors division or above or if he is a catcher, regardless of division.

Additionally, parents may want to consider:
Additional pairs of baseball pants (white or grey only, no pinstripes) and socks. A bat is highly recommended, along with a batting helmet if you prefer that your child have his or her own. You may also want to provide a bat bag for your child to carry gear to games in, and a water bottle is a good idea. Protective arm guards, sliding pants, sunglasses and eye black, which are strictly optional. Thermal shirts and pants, which are recommended but not required for chilly mornings and evenings in early spring and late fall.

What explicitly is disallowed?

The following is not allowed:
All-composite aka "composite barrel" bats (see below)
Metal cleats or spikes
For pitchers, light-colored long sleeves under their team jersey (impacts batter’s ability to pick up the ball)
Striped baseball pants
Helmets with chrome or any other reflective material
Store bought baseball caps (GVLL issued caps only)

Are there rules about what type of bat my child can use?
Upper divisions of baseball must use Little League of America-approved wooden bats. All other divisions may use LLOA-approved metal or wooden bats. 

BUT GVLL puts restrictions on Composite Bats
Regarding composite bats: Please note that while LLOA allows the limited use of composite barrel bats, which have a barrel made of reinforced carbon fiber polymer, GVLL allows ONLY composite-handle bats in rec league play. If a player brings a composite barrel bat to a rec league game, he or she will not be allowed to use it. We do this for safety reasons. Composite barrel bats allow the ball to “pop” off the bat faster, giving pitchers less time to react to any ball hit sharply back to the mound. To determine if a bat is approved for use in GVLL rec league play, please consult this list of all LLoA approved bats. If a bat is listed as "composite" under "barrel material" it is not approved. Any other bat on the list is allowed.

I need help buying a bat and glove for my child. Does the League have any recommendations?
Finding the right bat and glove for your child is a matter of personal preference, although there are guidelines based on age and height you can find on websites of various sporting goods retailers.

Try these:

Homerun Monkey Bat Buying Guide
Homerun Monkey Glove Buying Guide
Just Bats Bat Coach
Just Gloves Glove Coach

Please note that while a player may use a bat with a composite handle, all-composite bats are not allowed.

What is a heart guard?
A heart guard is an undershirt designed to protect players’ chests from hit or thrown balls. The League provides them to all players in Majors and those players are required to wear them.

Does my son need to wear an athletic cup?
Yes. We require all boys to wear an athletic cup for Majors, Juniors and Seniors and all catchers, regardless of division, in order to play.

What kind of shoes should my child wear? Are cleats allowed?
All-purpose athletic shoes are fine, though your child may prefer to wear turf shoes with rubber cleats specifically designed to play baseball on turf. Metal cleats and spikes are not allowed.

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