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Interested in volunteering?  Click here for instructions on registering as a volunteer, and/or send a note to the GVLL Board of Directors at [email protected] to get involved today. 

We are an all volunteer organization. We are all inclusive, we like to have fun in our city, and we teach our children sportsmanship and to honor the game. A small army of volunteers helps in many ways including a Board of Directors, Team Coordinators, Team Managers, Coaches and Safety Officers. Our volunteers manage Sponsorships, Marketing, Equipment, Permits and Schedules. What's more, nearly half of our Parent members contribute in some active way such as helping out with Opening Day and Picture Day.

All GVLL parents are required to volunteer. And everyone who participates finds it to be a rewarding, community-building experience.

The earlier you become involved in volunteering your time to the league, the more beneficial it is to you and to the league. We need all sorts of skills to make our organization run smoothly and efficiently -- handy men, doctors, lawyers, accountants, administrators, film makers, marketers, designers, webmasters, writers, teachers -- any one with time to offer. We run a four season program, so there is always a task at hand. And every GVLL parent, by agreeing to the terms of registration, is a GVLL volunteer.

 Volunteer Roles include:

  • Manager - Leader of the Team: run practices, manage games determine batting order and field positions, etc. Note, that Manager spots are reviewed and approved by GVLL Board in the older divisions.

  • Coach - Work with Manager to run practices and at game time.

  • Safety Coordinator - Attend safety training, ensure ice packs are applied when needed, etc.

  • Team Parent - Work with Team Manager to assist with various tasks, including helping with team kick-off and end-of-season parties, team banner, maintaining team webpage, arranging car pools to games if needed,

  • Opening Day Volunteer - Help Opening Day Lead with myriad Opening Day tasks.

  • Picture Day Volunteer -  Help Picture Day Lead with and execution of Picture Day

  • Equipment - Help Equipment Lead with any one of many equipment tasks, eg. equipment inventory, assembling new pitchers mound.

  • Sponsorship - Join the GVLL Sponsorship team. We need sponsors to fund the league and that takes volunteers.

  • Communications - Pitch in with occasional communication campaigns, eg. rally troops to support initiatives to save Pier 40.

  • Merchandising - Support occasional league merchandizing activities, eg. selling of GVLL hoodies, hats, etc.

  • Fundraising - Support occasional  league fundraising efforts.

Click here for instructions on registering as a volunteer.

Please note that background checks will be conducted on all volunteers, as per Little League of America, Regulation I(C) 8:

Each league shall:  Require that all of the following personnel have annually submitted a fully completed official “Little League Volunteer Application” to the local league president, prior to the applicant assuming his/her duties for the current season: Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.

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